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CHL Marketing Lab is a business development and strategy consultancy focused specifically on the Hispanic market.

We believe that the Hispanic market is a long-term journey that requires a real commitment. It demands the understanding of critical cultural insights that shapes the way Hispanic consumers think, buy and build relationships with brands.

CHL Marketing Lab’s goal is to help you build a profitable Hispanic business model. We carefully guide your company to most effectively see and efficiently seize the unique Hispanic opportunity across multiple revenue streams that will allow your brands to dominate the Hispanic market in your industry. We work with companies that are serious about earning loyalty, trust and empowering their targeted Hispanic audiences to help grow their business.

CHL Marketing Lab has a deep expertise of the Hispanic consumer mindset. We know what triggers Hispanic behavioral cues and how to engage their viral reach for your brand.

We work directly with clients and with their agencies to assure that your Hispanic marketing campaigns are in alignment with your Hispanic business model and overarching strategy.

CHL Marketing Lab recognizes that a successful Hispanic strategy is a change management exercise. It requires pushing the boundaries of the business model in ways to which one is not accustomed. It also requires the same levels of rigor one would require of any large, exciting growth opportunity, but is very different due to language and cultural cues, and perhaps distribution channel and route to market considerations.

core team

Annette Prieto-Llopis Director, Client Relations
Glenn Llopis President
Roland Schertenleib Chief Marketing Officer
Marisa Salcines Director, Business Development & Media Relations
Michael O’Neill Editorial Director

about CHL corporate

We build brands from the outside in.

Instead of selling to Hispanic consumers, let them help build your brand and enable them to influence its growth.

We develop leaders from the inside out.

By embracing their unique immigrant perspective instead of assimilating so quickly, Hispanic employees are enabled to innovate and lead your business with cultural authenticity.

As the only Hispanic human capital, business development, and marketing consulting firm of its kind, CHL's unique approach is centered on building leaders and building brands by clearly demonstrating how these two facets are interconnected and dependent on each other. To learn more about CHL Corporate, visit us at:

CHL believes that it's time for America's corporations to unlock opportunities for their businesses by giving Hispanic leaders and consumers a voice. When there is a lack of Hispanic leadership at the executive level, it translates down the line into the inability to create effective relationships and communication between the organization’s products/services and the fast-growing Hispanic consumer community. In other words, without a conduit to channel the authentic Hispanic voice and cultural values, your brand will be lost in translation.

CHL sees this dilemma as two sides of the same coin: developing Hispanic leaders and thought leaders from the inside out, and developing products, services, and brands for Hispanic consumers from the outside in. Not only does this build brand loyalty with consumers, it forges a bond with the community that impacts recruitment efforts, employee retention, and executive leadership. Once established, corporations will have a cyclical connection from their business to the community and back again that continues to solidify as their authentic voice and cultural values become more and more interwoven with their brands.

CHL’s founder, Glenn Llopis (pronounced Ôyō-pēs) is a former C-level executive and is a popular voice on issues regarding the advancement of Hispanics in the United States. Glenn is the bestselling author of Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, and an active voice in the national media with frequent appearances on Fox News, Univision (and Al Punto with Jorge Ramos), CNN and many others. He is also a contributing writer to Forbes, Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review. To learn more about Mr. Llopis, visit

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