Our approach to building a profitable Hispanic business model for your
company is based on four critical opportunity management steps

(inspired by the bestselling book, Earning Serendipity, authored by CHL Founder, Glenn Llopis)

See opportunities

Broadened observation is the ability to see beyond the obvious. Most companies only see the growing number of Hispanics, yet fail to understand how to earn their trust and build a long-term relationship. Dominating the Hispanic market requires you to break down barriers that are attributed to tension points that your industry has unintentionally created over the year.

We will help you see the opportunity more clearly and translate this into well-defined go-to-market strategies.

Sow opportunities

Extensive innovation is about being able to continuously improve as you execute. Growth in the Hispanic market is a long-term journey and it is incredibly important that you walk before you run. We will guide your strategy and implementation efforts from hyper-local and national execution. We monitor your product and service penetration to assure that we identify Hispanic audience reactions and behavioral patterns in order to most effective course correct along the way.

Learning through execution is the key to identifying your innovation sweet-spot.

Grow opportunities

Building momentum for your Hispanic business strategy requires strategic focus. Once we have helped you define the right opportunity for your Hispanic business, the Lab lasers are on the distribution channels to amplify growth.

From grass-roots markets to larger metropolitan reach, we aim to shock your competitors to assure your targeted Hispanic audience knows that you are intentions to earn their loyal and trust is genuine, authentic and culturally relevant.

Share opportunities

The most effective way to sustain the momentum for your Hispanic business success Ð is to share it with the Hispanic community at-large in two critical ways:

1. give-back to the community, be grateful for their commitment to your brand, value their voices and respect their opinions. Feed this information into your Hispanic business innovation pipeline.

2. Resow these new opportunities that were influenced by your targeted Hispanic audience - give them proper credit and share the significance of their contributions.

We work directly with clients and with their agencies to assure that your Hispanic marketing
campaigns are in alignment with your Hispanic business model and overarching strategy
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