CHL offers a wide range of services in the Lab - based on our understanding of how Hispanic think and buy. We help your brands earn loyalty and trust from a community that puts a premium on its cultural values - that shape the Hispanic consumer mindset.

Our unique perspectives and compelling tension point research across all major industries - allows CHL to customize business and branding strategies, as wells as new breakthrough imperatives such as thought leadership development and online communication platforms that allows your brand to control the narrative for your brand by changing the conversation about how your company and industry can best serve the Hispanic consumers by creating awareness and solving for the tension points.

Whether it’s a mobility, social media, website or public relations strategy, we help your brands see through the Hispanic lens and align your business and its offerings to the unique and authentic voice of the Hispanic consumer Ð that is heavily influenced by their cultural values.

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Corporate Strategy

Cultivate a unique value proposition and support a specific strategy for a profitable Hispanic business model. Understand the existing and emerging new Ôtension points” that are creating barriers to trust and loyalty with Hispanic consumers. Target and reach Hispanic consumers and clients based on the insights, research, big data and unique expertise of CHL. We integrate our five-guiding principles to capturing ROI in the Hispanic market.

Brand Development

Assure your brands are playing key tactical and strategic roles, starting with unique content and social media impression standards to influence buying behavior and brand loyalty. We also help you design and implement new brands tailored to the specific cultural needs of Hispanic audiences.

Online Content/Communication Platforms

Before any marketing campaign is launched, you must define how your brand will create awareness and solve for the tension points. CHL specializes in content/communication (website) platforms that specifically target the needs of your industry for Hispanic audiences. We help you identify the best narrative for your brand in support of your products & services to enable a two-way conversation that allow you to organically build loyal and trust with Hispanic consumers/clients.

Product & Service Innovations

CHL will help you design new products & services that are customized for the unique lifestyle needs of U.S. Hispanics

Thought Leadership

We help you groom your Hispanic executives into “thought leaders” supported by subject matter expertise distinction to represent themselves as powerful and influential personal brands through content marketing and media outreach Ð to build the momentum you need to earn relationships with Hispanic audiences. Tell your stories in culturally relevant ways.

Cultural Competence

CHL works with your strategy, marketing and CSR that require deep expertise and an understanding of Hispanic cultural nuances and how they best translate to the sales and marketing of products & services, including problem solving and crisis management messaging. We offer onsite and online video-based training featuring our program: Know Your Hispanics (Roland Ð this will link to new VT platform).

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Sales & Marketing

We work with clientÕs ad agencies to ensure your Hispanic business model and overarching go-to-market strategy is in alignment with your Hispanic market campaigns and grass roots initiatives.

Social Media

Develop the most authentic Hispanic presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and others. Learn how to connect and interact with your Hispanic audience across generations Ð by allowing cultural relevant content to enable relationship.

Public Relations

Design and implement high-impact media campaigns with relevant publicity angles to promote widespread awareness of your Hispanic initiatives - that are culturally sensitive and speak with the Hispanic consumer to empower their voice. Whether online or in print, make sure your communications and marketing material offer solutions to the “tension points” in culturally relevant ways.

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