CHL Whitepaper: Overview

The Hispanic community is one of the greatest untapped markets we have ever seen. Already the largest minority in the U.S., their numbers continue to grow faster than any other group. The total number of Hispanics in the United States today is 50.5 million people strong – and climbing.
The emergence of Hispanics as a consumer force is growing rapidly, with a purchasing power expected to reach $1.2 trillion dollars in 2012. Dubbed "super consumers," Latinos in the U.S. are blowing past the mainstream and other minority groups in this regard. In fact, the U.S. is seeing an increase in buying power not happening in other countries, and that is because of Hispanic growth here.
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CHL Whitepaper: Key Takeaways
Learn why the Hispanic community is underrepresented in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Finance & Banking, Retail and many other industries.
Understand how companies can do a better job of reaching out to the Hispanic community.
Explore why you must connect to Hispanic consumers online, via mobile devices, and through social media.
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